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El Espectador, El Tiempo, Credencial magazine, Cromos magazine, Alo magazine, Office of the mayor of Bogota, Ministry of Education, Norma books, Mc Graw Hill, Bank of Colombia, Courrier International, Index on Censorship, Eins magazine, Cartoonmovement.

Group exhibitions
2016. ¿Humor without borders?. Storm P. Museum - Copenhaguen, Denmark.
2012. There is more than one truth. The Doha Centre - Doha, Qatar.
2012. Panorama Kolumbien. Fumetto international comic festival - HSLU university, Lucern, Switzerland.
2011. There is more than one truth. House of the thirteen doors - Lima, Peru.
2010. Romanticasos. International Festival of Design - Metropolitan Design Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2010. There is more than one truth. Go Gallery - Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2010. Rastreando Rostros. The humor factory - Alcala de Henares, Spain.
2008. Insalate di riso. Suq a Genova 10th culture festival - Genoa, Italy.
2008. Salsa Pa Ve. Bogota International Book Fair - Colombia.
2007. Con-text Ilustrators. Public libraries of Bogota - Colombia.
2007. Colombian caricature and cartoon. Chapalita Cultural Center - Guadalajara, Mexico.
2007. Because things are like this. Haus der Kunst gallery - Guadalajara, Mexico.
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